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Does the filament glow in the dark like a glowstick?


  • No need to hold your hoodie up to a lamp before going for a jog! All SOVO gear Filaments are made with battery powered Electroluminescent Wire allowing you to turn the light off, make it flash, or shine solid. Each garment's Filament is powered by a small ‘AA’ battery pack tucked away in a little inside pocket.


Since the hoodies are powered with electricity can I wash them?


  • Absolutely! Just remove the battery pack and follow the care instructions on the tag, or watch our care instructions video below. We recommend hang drying ONLY to prevent damage from a hot dryer. Note, the battery packs are not water resistant, but the Filament is. We recommend zipping up the zipper during wash to help protect the wire from kinking in laundry.




How long will the light last?


  • We find you can operate the light in a solid-on state up to 24 hours (longer in flash mode) before changing the battery. The Filament has an expected life of up to 1,000 hours.


How are the hoodies sized?


  • The adults are a Men’s/Unisex cut – just like many popular hoodies available today. Kids are standard youth sizes. Please see the sizing chart located in the product description of each garment. We currently offer Y8, Y10, Y12, XS, S, M, L, XL.


Will you offer other fabric colors?


  • Yes, we plan to roll out other fleece color options soon. Please tell us which colors you wish to see via Facebook.


What colors are available for the Filaments?


  • We currently offer Blue, Pink/Glow Purple, Blaze Red, and Yellow/Glow Lime Green. Some colors change hue when powered due to the internal lighting process.


  • Please tell us which colors you wish to see via Facebook.


How durable is the Filament?


  • Electroluminescent Wire is very durable and surprisingly flexible. You can wash it, but we recommend hang drying your garment for fabric longevity and protection of the Filament’s coatings. Even though the coating is resistant to UV light you should not store your garment in direct sunlight. The filaments are very flexible and will hold up to reasonable wear. Very rigorous handling may damage the electrical conduction components of the Filament – never kink the Filament.


Can I wear SOVO running and biking?


  • We recommend wearing SOVO as often as possible! Hoodies are the first line of apparel from SOVO. Other lines will be coming soon including various pieces of athletic attire. Sign up for our Newsletter and follow SOVOgear on Facebook/Twitter for updates.


When its really quiet, why do I sometimes hear a high-pitch noise?


  • The battery pack, often called a driver, uses an inverter to change DC (battery) power to AC. At certain power inversion levels you may hear an audible high pitch noise. If you are using a two battery ‘AA’ driver, you can request a single ‘AA’ battery driver from SOVO. The single battery version will be much less audible, if at all; however, one battery will be less bright than two.


How do I disconnect the battery pack?


  • Please see the care instruction videos on this website. Open the Velcro inside pocket and remove the battery pack. There are two ‘dog-ear’ tabs on the male connector (battery pack side), and one tab on the female connector (garment side). Place one connector in each hand, and squeeze all three tabs at once while pulling the connectors apart.


How do I reconnect the battery pack?


  • Simply place one connector in each hand and press the male and female connectors together. Test the connection by turning on the battery pack. Once you’ve verified its connected correctly place the battery pack and all slack wire into the inside pocket. We recommend placing the battery pack so the button is easily located from the outside pocket (face the power button away from your body). This prevents the need to unzip your garment to access the power switch. Press the Velcro closed.


How does the battery pack (driver) work?


  • SOVO battery packs are currently powered by ‘AA’ batteries (we are developing other power sources). The AA battery supplies DC current that is inverted to AC current. The AC current powers the light, which requires very little power to light up. That’s why it lasts so long!


  • Depending on the driver you have there are various modes. A single ‘AA’ driver has SOLID-OFF-FLASH, and the double ‘AA’ driver has SOLID-SLOW FLASH-FAST FLASH-OFF.


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